“We are concerned by some homeopathic products. For example, it is possible to buy homeopathic products made from body parts such as hip joints and colons, animals such as iguana and dragonfly, and different kinds of sunlight. We are doubly concerned that it is also possible to buy products derived from precious archaeological features such as the Great Wall of China and Stonehenge.”

"Take 3 iguana-colon-and-moonlight pills, apply a Stonehenge poultice, and call me in the morning."

(Taken from this paper commissioned and published by the UK Government concerning justifying the Government’s spending on Homeopathy and, by extension, the effectiveness of homeopathy itself.)

There was a guy on TV news this morning talking about social media, its effect on public life, and how employers especially are now quick to do background checks on you in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter when looking at your resume.
“Unfortunately we all,” he said, “have to think of ourselves as brands.”
And I spent some time trying to imagine the person who would sit on the other side of a desk and call on you to account for your brand - who would ask you to explain a photo on your Instagram account or Facebook wall; who would ask you to explain your thinking behind sharing that thing on LinkedIn. What blankly smiling creature this would be.
The train I’m on right now stopped briefly by some warehouses at the edge of a city and I saw they had, above one of them, simply the words ‘Coca-cola’ in plain, large, unadorned type. No red or swirl. Just a word, uncomfortably bare, forcing you to reconsider it.
Think of yourself as a brand.