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Apr 04

Stranger Shaming: How One Public Meal Got Me 12,000 Online Haters

Apr 03



After my friend Christine’s dad died, she gave everyone who worked with her at the soup kitchen a plastic bag filled with birdseed. The bags had a little tag on them with a picture of cardinals and a note about how her dad loved feeding birds, so we should feed them in his memory. I had never met her dad and I only knew Christine from the hours we spent together every Wednesday afternoon cooking alongside a lot of other volunteers, but it was also impossible to be anywhere near her and not know her. She let everyone in to her world, which was fascinating, larger than life. She had been so many places and known so many interesting people. All the New York things I’d read novels about, Christine had experienced, and she also knew the people who wrote those novels. Now she worked as an art restorer and spent a lot of time cooking and dishing out food in a soup kitchen in Greenpoint.

I didn’t have a backyard or birdfeeder, so I just put the seed out on my windowsill. Birds came and ate it, which seemed slightly miraculous. How did they know to come? After the bag ran out, I bought more. More than a year later, I still put some out every morning. Mostly mourning doves come, but occasionally also juncos and finches. 

Christine took her own life last Friday and no one seems to know why. It seems impossible. She was so much more alive than most people.

This morning I heard the unmistakable metallic chirp of a cardinal and went to watch him eat the seed. He sang as he ate, loud and full of life, with his majestic crest flaring in the early sunlight. Christine, I thought. 

I know the idea that someone who has died comes and visits you in some reassuring form is silly, childish wishful thinking. I believe that at the same time that I believe that Christine’s spirit is in the world still, in birds and cats and people, in everything that sings loudly and proudly and is absolutely always purely itself. 

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Remember when we used to enable photo replies? What ever happened to those days? We were so young.


Apr 01


Because Björk


Because Björk

Mar 31

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Roomscan -


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Whu… how… buh….

The Awl: An April Fools' Day Reminder

Mar 27

A Bitcoin trading company is moving into coworking space in which I rent a desk.
I’m now mentally gearing up to spend the next 6 months trying to buy their stationery from them with sticky notes upon which I’ve scrawled the words “one bitcoin”.
I will be haggling.

Mar 25

“Other charitable individuals whose phones autocorrected the word ‘BEAT’ to ‘BEAR’ found that they had begun the process to adopt “an adorable polar bear” in a scheme organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).” — Auto-correct turns ‘no make-up selfie’ donations into polar bear adoptions (via iamdanw)

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Toothpaste for dinner


Toothpaste for dinner

THREE WITCHES appear on the heath.
WITCH #1: have you ever killed a pig
WITCH #2: do you want to be king
MACBETH: king of what
WITCH #3: king of jerking off
“king of what”

The Toast’s ‘Dirtbag Macbeth’, a re-telling of Macbeth featuring an all-teenage-dirtbag cast.