Pop Culture

Fez is a beautiful, infinitely puzzley game. (I have a notepad with me and I make notes about them. I am learning an alphabet in it!) The soundtrack occasionally reminds me of an 8-bit version of ‘Music for airports.’

The Cabin In The Woods is a funny, self-aware, semi-horror movie. A genre mish-mash produced / written in part by Joss Whedon. Go see it. It is smart (or, at least, different).

The Descendants is wonderful and sad and a small tale. The soundtrack, especially the slack-guitar music by Sonny Chillingworth (Spotify link), is melodic and Hawaiian and wistful.

This article in GQ about a director creating a movie with thousands of extras in a Ukranian city is interesting. It seems almost like an homage to ‘Synechdoche, NY’.

I have been using Endomondo's app to track my runs and to get a sense of their rhythm. I like it. It's worth trying out if you do workout things. They support a lot of devices.

I quite like Jack White’s new album, especially the tracks ‘Sixteen saltines’ (Sp.) and ‘Freedom at 21’ (Sp.). I also like Keaton Henson’s sad and heartfelt album ‘Dear’ (Sp.) but I get the sense that it’s going feel a little overwraught pretty quickly.


  1. monkeyfrog said: My son is completely bonkers for Fez. Because it’s all puzzley and something about 2D game with a 3D character movement.
  2. penllawen said: In the last week and a half, I have bought Fez and watched tCitW and The Descendents. MILD COINCIDENCE.
  3. girl-detective said: Yes, but how is the potato farm coming along?
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