Underground Announcer: “The Bakerloo line is currently suspended due to a passenger under the train at Piccadilly Circus.”

Meanwhile, at Piccadilly Circus…

Elderly woman: Jeremy! Jeremy, you come out from under that train this instant!
(A voice from under the train): Tehehe. Hehehe.
Woman: I swear to god, Jeremy.
Voice: SHAN’T.
Woman: You are embarassing me in front of all of London.
Voice: Tehehe.
Woman: I… I have gummmy beeeears. ♫
Voice: …wha’ flavour.
Woman: Uh… uh, fruit? …fruit flavour?
Voice: …shan’t.
Woman: DAMNIT, Jeremy, you’re a 43 year-old CPA, for god’s sake.
Voice: …teehehe.


  1. girl-detective said: Paging Inspector Sands…
  2. wallofdis said: That is weird that they actually say what is happening. In NY they just say that there was an incident.
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  4. fuiru said: They actually say that? I think here they say something like “due to a not-at-all tragic incident…” Or “Mister Green to checkout, Mister Green to checkout.”
  5. distorte said: They would never actually announce this on the PA here. I would be shocked. I’m too soft for London.
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